Little Big Guy $7.99

A kid version of our Big Guy burger fire grilled with cheese and lettuce topped bun served with waffle fries.

Smiley Cyrus $7.99

You’ll be all smiles with our deep  fried tater tots covered in a Montana sized breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and hollandaise sauce with toast.

Mini Me Mac $7.99

Our homemade man’n’cheese just like our adult 5 Star but just for kids served with garlic toast.

Alfredo Pasta $7.99

Linguini noodles tossed in creamy alfredo sauce topped with grilled chicken served with garlic bread.

Chicken Little Fingers $7.99

Crunchy chicken fingers served with waffle fries and ranch sauce.

Super Parmio! $7.99

Tender chicken tossed in marinara and parmesan over alredo linguini noodles with garlic bread.