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Jimmy Buffet Burger $8.99

A little Jimmy burger on a toasted bun over lettuce served with fries.

Make it a cheeseburger for $1.50

Macarena and Cheese $8.99

Kids mac and cheese served with garlic toast.

Milli Fusilli $8.99

Fusilli noodles tossed in garlic butter parmesan served with garlic toast.

Finger 11 Fingers $8.99

Crispy chicken fingers served with fries and ranch dip.

Little Bones $8.99

No bones here, just chicken nuggets served with fries and choice of wing sauce.

The Snoop Dogg $8.99

This Pogo is straight out of the fryer served with fries and ranch dip.

The Griller $7.49

An old school kraft grilled cheese sandwich served with fries.

Guns and Rose $8.99

This spaghetti incident is way better with linguini noodles in a rose sauce topped with meatballs, parm and garlic toast.