Eh Grilled Cheese Burger $7.99

Eh Canadian grilled cheese stuffed with our homemade kids burger served with fries.

Add bacon for an additional $.99

Tater Tot Nachos $7.99

Deep fried tater tots baked with nacho beef and shredded cheese served with sour cream.

Mini Me Mac $7.99

Our homemade man’n’cheese just like our adult 5 Star but just for kids served with garlic toast.

The Nappy Jammy $7.99

It will be nap time after eating this meal consisting of homemade  mash potato’s blanketed with breaded chicken, gravy and garlic toast. 

Pinky Fingers and Fries $7.99

Crispy chicken fingers served with waffle fries and ranch sauce.

Funny Bones and Fries $7.99

Funny, no bones here, just chicken nuggets served with fries.

The Twisted Parm $7.99

Linguine noodles tossed in a garlic butter parm sauce topped with a marinara chicken finger sided with garlic toast.

Clubber Lang $7.99

We pity the fool that doesn’t order grilled Texas toast topped with mayo, lettuce, deli turkey and crisp bacon served with fries.

The Happy Grillmore $7.99

You’ll need to load up on a black forest ham and bacon grilled cheese served and fries with hockey try outs only 365 days away.