The Twisted Butcher $13.99

There’s no mistake(s) here, just happy accidents. It’s your world, make our classic burger your way!

Add cheese of your choice: Cheddar, Mozzarella or Gouda 1.75
Add ons: Bacon, fried onions, mushrooms, jalapeños, etc. 1.75

The Norma Jean $17.49

Timeless and classic; our classic burger topped with strip bacon, sautéed onions, mushrooms and smothered with melted Mozzarella.

The Chuck Bronson $17.99

This magnificent burger has will be M.I.A. gunned up with fried black forest ham, trag dip, jap cheddar cheese sauce and dirty dozen dusters over lettuce and tomato.

Jackie Moon $17.99

You“ trade your dryer for this semi-pro burger alley-ooped with lettuce, tomato, mozza, ham, Pepperfield onion dusters and a tropical honey garlic ranch drizzle.

Miss Piggy $18.49

This burger`s farmed up with bacon, ham sausage and a sunny side up egg over mayo, lettuce, tomato, tater tots and cheddar cheese.

The Angry Pickle $17.49

Our burger topped with our own ‘‘angry cream cheese‘‘, Mozzarella, BBQ sauce and a deep fried pickle, garnished with lettuce and tomato.

The McKenzie Brothers $17.99

Nothing strange about this brew. Our burger topped with bacon, deep fried cheese curds, shredded cheese and gravy. Enjoy hosers!!!

The Bob Sacamano $17.99

My friend Bob loves his Texas sized BBQ pulled pork, cheddar cheese and fried onions on a Costanza sized burger over homemade coleslaw with lettuce, tomato and sweet pickles.

The Macs of Life $17.49

Our fire grilled burger, homemade cheesy macaroni and bacon and cheddar cheese folded up in a flour tortilla and baked golden brown.

The Gord Downie $17.49

A great burger for a great Canadian topped with our own “Tragically Dip”, strip bacon and golden onion rings over lettuce and tomato.

The Big Guy $17.99

Named after a Sarnia Great! Two homemade patties piled high with lettuce, tomato, sautéed mushrooms, onion rings and crispy bacon smothered in cheese sauce and topped with a smile.