Bounce Back Breaky $11.99

Bounce back to greatness with 2 sunny side-up eggs, crispy bacon or breakfast sausage, toast and our hash brown medley.

  • If you’re old enough for a hangover, this order gets you $2.00 off your first Caesar.

Scrambled Eggchilada $14.99

Scrambled eggs, peppers, onions and mexi beef wrapped up in a soft tortilla then baked with shredded cheese topped with fresh pico de gallo and sour crème served with our hash brown medley.

Mr. Goodnite $16.99

Deep fried hash browns, sautéed  peppers, onions, mushrooms and grilled sausage topped with shredded cheese, 2sunny side up eggs and homemade hollandaise sauce served skillet style with garlic bread.

Steak ‘n Egg Melt $17.99

Fire grilled julienned steak on garlic bread topped with shredded cheese and 2 sunny side up eggs served with our homemade hash brown medley.

Benny Boo Boo Train $15.99

Twisted’s on track with its version of eggs benny taking 2 poached eggs, bacon, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato and hollandaise sauce lined up on a warm bun with our homemade hash brown medley.